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Position Summary

Urban District Realty, LLC is seeking full-time contract employees to aid in the creation of realistic and built to-scale 3D representations of real estate properties. 


Applicants must be proficient in Blender or equivalent modeling software with the ability to create accurate models with clean topology.  All models are based on scaled architectural drawings provided by clients. Responsibilities will include creating realistic-like features, with a focus on furnishings, creating/applying textures, as well as a basic ability to stage models in the Unity platform. 


A four year degree of higher education with a technology focus and/or degree, familiarity with the Unity platform, and a strong interior/exterior design sense are preferred for this position, but are not required.


As a growing real estate company, employees at Urban District Realty, LLC will have the opportunity and responsibility to work in a variety of capacities and grow with the position. Creative problem solving, ability to work in a team environment, utmost integrity, desire to grow skill-sets, and a strong work ethic are key to success.

Location:  Washington, DC

Duration:  Full-Time Contract Work 

Office: Work From Home Available

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