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Showing the Future



Urban District Realty, LLC presents PROJETO, a system for showing real estate properties that uses cutting edge technology to break the barriers of reality while keeping human connection at the center of the experience.

Advanced Technology



PROJETO uses virtual reality headsets with advanced tracking technology. You can move around in virtual space the same way you move around any other space, no buttons to press or wires to trip over. And with hand tracking technology, there’s no need for controllers or gloves, your hands magically show up in VR. Viewing a prospective property is as easy as putting on glasses and walking or wheeling around the room.

And we’re not talking 360 photos; all our showings use full 3D models, custom made in-house. We have artists who specialize in architectural drafting to show you what a space will feel like, and artists who specialize in interior design to show you what you could do with it. And we give you options: you can check out multiple units in a single development, all over the city, or on the other side of the world. Finding your dream space becomes a matter of minutes, not months.

Listing the Future

Centered Around People 

Technology makes this all possible, but it’s the people that make it matter.  In our showroom, you and your realtor experience this journey together. We didn’t replace traditional showings, we made them easier, faster, and a little bit magical. Your realtor is there to see what you see, listen to what you say, and answer the questions that would stump Siri.

Finding the perfect home is a big decision and you don’t have to do it alone.  PROJETO can accommodate a whole family. And if someone in your family can’t use a virtual reality headset (sorry kids) they can still participate on the big screen.

And when it comes to commercial spaces, personal connections are just as important.  Let our real estate agents help your business go beyond the hard facts and figures to find your perfect space.   

Because PROJETO is a collaboration of cutting edge technology and world class customer service with one goal: to get to the moment that you look around and think, “I found my future.”

How to License PROJETO

PROJETO Modeling  and Licensing is easy!  If you are interested, Just follow the three simple sets below: 


Review Pricing


Review FAQs

STEP 3: 


Testimonials & Reviews

“Loved seeing the app in person and could easily see myself and others wanting to explore new construction! 

It brings life and character to a building plan.” 

Jen M., VR Technology Attorney (Washington, DC)

"PROJETO honestly new my mind, the [software] is finally bringing real estate into the 21st century."

Omeed N., Commercial Real Estate Agent (Virginia)

"Really love this tool!  As a visual person it was great to be able to see exactly how the space would work. 

Especially loved how you could change the [wall] colors!”

Abigail V., Senior Engineer (Virginia)

“The whole concept has so much potential.  The presentation left me FLOORED!!”

AliAsad A., Medical Physician & Property Investor (Washington, DC)

“This was a fantastic experience! I really think this will be useful to developers who are interested in

getting investors. Well done!”   

Patrick V., Recent Homebuyer (Washington, DC)

“Great way of using VR technology to view new properties.” 

Serhiy L., Technology Director (Washington, DC)

“Great experience, you really get a sense of what the space will look like and feel like.

The agents giving the tours were amazing!” 

 Leo V., Technology Engineer (Virginia)

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