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Safety Information

Safety Video

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Safety Instructions

SAFE ZONE: Please make sure you are located in the designated area for this VR experience. Keep your arms and legs in the safe zone at all times.

HEADSETS: Please make sure your headset is placed properly and securely on your head.  Attendants will be available to assist and confirm placement. 

FURNITURE: All furniture is illustrated and presented in the virtual space. All furniture and accessories are not physically present outside of your headset. Please do not lean or sit on any items located in your virtual reality demonstration.

WALLS: For demonstration purposes, in some scenarios you may be able to walk through virtual walls or doors. Please keep in mind that those capabilities do not occur beyond the virtual reality experience. If you happen to walk through a wall in VR, don’t panic. You’ll be fine! 

WELL BEING: Most importantly, your well being is our top priority and main concern. If at any time you feel dizzy or nauseous, feel free to take off your headset and call an attendant for assistance.  

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