Buying or Selling

Real Estate

Why are clients choosing Urban District Realty to help them buy or sell real estate?  Because we are a premier brokerage firm who put's clients wants and needs FIRST! We take pride in our real estate sales experience.  We are forward thinking and utilize the latest technology to assist in the sale.  Lastly, we employ negotiation expertise to ensure outstanding results.

Luxury Property Management

We have the best team ready to assist YOU with your luxury property management needs.  Whether you are looking to list your property once for rent or have have a dedicated team ready to continue service throughout the rental period, we have the experience to help!  Contact us to see how we support clients with upmost integrity and exceptional dedication. 

Real Estate


We both take part in and consult clients regarding property development.  Activities range from major renovations to development of raw land/sale of future parcels/lots.  If you are interested in your own real estate development, whether flipping a home or major development, contact us today for a free consultation and see how Urban District Realty can help YOU!  

Urban District Realty, LLC

Washington, D.C.