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Inspired by a childhood friend, David McClellan who passed away from a rare childhood cancer; our company is committed to giving back to support St. Jude Research Hospital.


We are committed to financially supporting St. Jude "heroes", who run to raise financial support and awareness for this outstanding organization.  


If you would like to join us as we support St. Jude, please feel free to donate on this page.  All donations will be provided directly to St. Jude.


   $50 - 1/10 Support for "Hero" Marathon Runner

$250 - 1/2 Support for "Hero" Marathon Runner

$500 - Full Support for "Hero" Marathon Runner

Urban District Realty, LLC

Giving Back

Support a St. Jude "Hero"
Join us in supporting St. Jude Research Hospital in Washington, DC.  All donations are provided directly to St. Jude.  

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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